Warehouse Facility Available

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Introducing our 7,500 sq ft Warehouse Facility available for off-site inspection and storage, located in Staffordshire.

Warehousing & Storage Parts

Inventory Management & Control

Bar-coding, re-packaging, labelling, kitting and other value added services

Inbound, outbound, delivery and distribution

Quality Inspection & Firewalls

Product Audits

Non Destructive Testing


Pallet repair/Cleaning


Decanting & repackaging/bespoke packaging

Training & Coaching

CMM, Laser scanning and reverse engineering

TIG/MIG Welding

Aktrion Automotive can offer you a "one stop" supply chain solution. We can offer you a range of services to support your business or simply a desk or meeting room to enable you to deal with pressing matters. Whatever your needs, Aktrion will work with you to provide the most cost effective and satisfactory outcome.