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Who Are Aktrion Automotive?

Aktrion Automotive offer fully managed support services worldwide for the automotive industry. These services provide a seamless integration into several industry processes. We deliver quality and safe service delivery and processes management. Our focused layered audits drive continual improvement and ensure best-in-class service provision.

Our diverse service scope ranges from simple robust concern containment, though product inspection, rework, rectification and verification to complex lean / Six Sigma engineered problem resolution with value added process efficiency and product quality optimisation.

We are established automotive specialists in both rapid response reactive concern management and proactive people and process business development solutions.

Delivering Operational Benefits

Automotive OEM’s and the supply chain are continually evolving with new product and processing technology to meet increasing legal demands and customer expectations. Market demands for choice in design and technology, combined with environmental targets for reduced emissions and material recycling, results in regular new model / facelift design changes.

To cope with these demands the industry needs lean and efficient processes and flexible resources for all key skill sets. We recognise these challenges and meet the needs of our clients for all stages of the production process.

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Services Aktrion Automotive Provide

Our Services

Quality Services

We assist suppliers to maximise Quality Performance within the supply chain and production operations.

Client Reporting

We understand regular, timely and concise reporting is a key management requirement.

Quality Engineering

Pre-Emptive Process & Quality Review plus Root Cause Analysis and resolution to maximise performance.

Production Support

Supporting your production to ensure optimum RFT efficiency and output.

Technical Services

We combine local knowledge with access to global resources, providing our clients with the best talent.

Staffing Services

We recruit and train staff to ensure the right people and the right skills are brought together.

Consultancy Services

We help our clients gain a competitive edge by helping them realise their potential and then putting it into practice.

Latest News

Locations - United Kingdom (x5), Brazil & india
Users - 145
Suppliers - 239
Production Volume - 34,341 per annum

Aktrion have had the ARROW system operational in JLR for some two years covering all the engine production and assembly plants in UK, Brazil and India and suppliers who are based all over the world. The system covers all incoming supplier components, pre-delivery inspection and the engine dress and installation at the vehicle assembly plants. All work instructions, risk assessments and reports are uploaded to the system and all inspection results are in input directly into the system in real time by each inspector either using tablets or their own smart phones.

The system covers a total of 145 users varying from Aktrion inspectors and supervisors to supplier quality management teams through to JLR quality and production management. The system can also interface directly with the client SAP system, but produces it’s own data analysis, again in real time, in the format bespoke to JLR covering a total production of 34,341 engines per annum. This real time reporting allows immediate detection of any trends or drift in quality, both in incoming quality and production and assembly processes, ensuring fast response and resolution and preventing continued production of NOK engines.

The success of the system has enabled JLR to achieve 100% right first time deliveries and significantly reduced incoming component returns or scrappage, saving and estimated £2.5m per annum to their production costs and achieve 100% adherence to delivery schedules and right first time RFT targets and thus cementing the huge success of the engine manufacturing operations within JLR.

- Chris Baumann - CEO -

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